Values Refresh Modes (Non-Live, Live)


Spearian for Excel provides two values refresh modes: Non-Live Mode and Live Mode (functions with names ending with LIVE or L).


1.In the Non-Live mode the network traffic is limited. This mode distinguishes between current values mode, intraday values mode and historical values mode.

Current Data is refreshed every 10 minutes, Intraday every 5 minutes, Historical Data every 24 hours. To change these intervals, use the Options. To see the refreshed data, press CTRL+ALT+F9.

To immediately refresh a given range, click on the range and press CTRL+SHIFT+C.

2.In the Live Mode, the market data is being polled every 15 seconds (or explicitly specified otherwise) which results in very heavy network traffic. If the market data is being used as an input for sophisticated analytics taking long time, this is not the recommended mode, as the prices may arrive every few seconds.

The live function flashes with a color background for 2 seconds each time there is a change.

In case the result is a single number, the background color is green for an uptick and red for a downtick. In all other cases, the background color is yellow.

Note: Live Mode is available only for data available in the current values mode, i.e. not for historical or intraday values mode!

Note: The more frequent polling of data, the more network traffic is involved. Thus, increase the default Live Mode Refresh rate in case of connectivity problems.



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