Keyboard shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+U


Clicking on the Security icon



shows a modeless window (i.e. you can keep the window open while working with window and you can open as many such windows as you like).


GUI Elements:


1. Bookmarks: Each symbol can be comfortably added to the bookmarks or an existing bookmark can be edited by pressing of the star button. 


2. Status Bar: Each tab has at the bottom a status bar which shows the state of the current search retrieval. Though the add-on has been optimized for speed, retrieving hundreds of thousands of records can take a while.


3. Clipboard: You can select either a row or a cell or a combination of both and using CTRL+C copy the selection to the clipboard and with CTRL+V to Excel.





4. Tables:

a) You can sort the table by clicking on the column. Sorting by multiple columns is supported by pressing SHIFT and selecting additional columns. The sorting order is signified at the top of the sorted columns.


b) You can filter the contents of the table by clicking on the icon below


and then by specifying the conditions


c) You can group by any column values by dragging that column to the group bar



d) You can resize the provided table sizes by dragging it - just click on the bar and drag it wherever you find it fit.




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Document Version: Sunday, May 7, 2017