Spearian's Bookmarks, an analogy of web-browser bookmarks, are designed to provide

1.a rapid access to most used symbols organization of symbols using tags

3.custom aliases for market symbols


On installation, Spearian is provided with a set of default bookmarks (The sources: Fed's Fred, and Quandl).


The bookmarks are saved in a json text file Bookmarks.json in the Spearian's Config Directory  (e.g. "c:\Users\Jiri\AppData\Roaming\Spearian for Excel\Bookmarks.json"). If needed, they can be edited as a text file there with Excel being closed.


The location of the bookmarks file can be specified in the Options window, which may be useful for sharing of the bookmark file across a number of computers, e.g. via DropBox.


Functionality Overview:

1. A rapid access to most used symbols

Clicking on the Bookmarks button displays the bookmarks list by tags - the folders represent tags with the leaves being the bookmarks. Each bookmark can have any number of tags. Each symbol can have only one bookmark.



Each bookmark is accompanied with a self-explanatory list of operations:



Hovering with mouse on a the bookmark displays the Sperian and Alias symbols:



2. An organization of symbols using tags

Each symbol can have any number of tags. Spearian provides only one level directory tag structure.


3. Custom aliases for market symbols

Each bookmark can define a user defined unique alias symbol.


For example, the symbol "g::MSFT" can be shorted in all formulas to a mere "M" using an alias.



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