Quick Start #03


1. Bookmark a Symbol from Symbol Search




Pressing of the Star Icon shows up the Add/Modify a Bookmark Window:




1.Each bookmark can have its unique alias which is then understand as a custom ticker for the security. For example, in this example, if you specify an alias M, then all references to the symbol M will automatically translate into Y::MSFT.

2.Each bookmark can be assigned as many tags as needed. Each tag represents the folder in the Ribbon's Bookmark drop down menu. To add a new tag, just type the tag name and press the semicolon ";" symbol. The existing tags are recognized using AutoComplete.


2. Use R as a quick scratch-pad

Using R Console is more efficient than using Excel cells for quick back-on-the-envelope calculations. You can easily exchange data between the R Console using clipboard or variables.




2.Type in your formula



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