Installation, Updates, Uninstallation



1.Launch the Installer executable and follow its instructions.

If on launching of the Installer you get a Windows SmartScreen Warning about safety of the Installer, click on More Info and Run Anyway.

a) The product depends on .NET 4.6.2 being installed. It tries to install it if missing but on some older computers, the .NET upgrader may fail with an error message. In that case, install the .NET manually from  


b) If you installer fails for any reason, follow these steps. A remote session to troubleshoot the problem can always be scheduled.

The installation itself: 
First, if they are not already present, the installer tries to install the prerequisites (.NET 4.6 and Visual C++ Runtimes).

Second, specify the installation directory. Even if you're running a 64 bit Excel, the product can be installed in Program Files (x86) as the product installs both 32-and 64-bit executables.

Third, confirm you agree to the Licenses terms and conditions.

Fourth, read the description of the Local Market Data Power Cache:

Fifth, choose whether to install the Local Market Data Power Cache - the product functions without it.

After you press Install, the product installs itself.

2.If you have selected the installation of the Local Market Data Power Cache and if you have received an error that

make sure you are running the installer as a local administrator and that you are permissioned to install a Windows Service. If not, rerun the installer and do not install the Local Market Data Power Cache.

3.If you encounter any time any warning from an antivirus, just white-list the Spearian installation directory

4.Open Excel.

5.If, due to your local permissions, the Installer did NOT register the add-on (there is no SPEARIAN ribbon bar), press ALT+T+I (press and hold ALT, press and release T, press and release I) to see the Add-ins dialog (see below)

press the Browse button and navigate to the directory chosen for the installation and choose either SpearianForExcel.x86.xll for the 32-bit Excel or SpearianForExcel.x64.xll for 64 bit one. Close Excel and open Excel.

If you receive an error about the format of the add-on (in Excel 2013 the below one)

you've chosen the wrong version of the xll file, i.e. you have tried to install

1.the 32-bit version of the addon in the 64-bit version of Excel or

2.the 64-bit version of the add-on in the 32-bit of the Excel


Choose the other Spearian's xll.


6.Activate the Add-on via the Ribbon's Options - type in the License Key and Press the Save button next to it


The license is saved into the Spearian's Config and you do not need to use this command anymore.



The application checks daily for an update and offers to install one, if found.


The manual update can be triggered at any time by launching the "Spearian for Excel Check for Updates" shortcut from the main Windows Menu:





To uninstall the product, use the Windows' Control Panel.



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Document Version: Sunday, May 7, 2017