Installation Troubleshooting


If you encounter problems with installing of the product, proceed as follows and send to (1) the contents of the generated log file and (2) if possible a video showing your computer screen during the process, at best created with Camtasia Studio or you can just use your cell phone camera:


1.Use Internet Explorer

2.Download the file and save it


3.Press Windows Key + R

4.Type cmd.exe


5.Type “cd downloads”


6.Start recording a video of the screen, e.g. with a camera.

7.Launch the installer “SpearianForExcel.exe /exelog installation.log”


8.Follow the instructions of the installer till the end

9.Send to me the shot video and the contents of the file installation.log – the file is in this directory –

or you can open the file with the command "notepad installation.log" and copy the contents and paste it into an email.




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Document Version: Sunday, May 7, 2017