Syntax: QUOTELIVE(Ticker, Fields, RefreshRate)


Equivalent Function Names: QL


Purpose: The function displays the live data for a given ticker, e.g. MSFT.



1.Ticker(s) is the Yahoo ticker(s) or Currency Pair. If more than one ticker is given, the formula needs to be entered as a Range Formula.

2.Field(s) may be optional for a given operation. If not specified, Spearian shows the current price. The list of fields is equivalent to the fields for retrieving current data of the Quote function.

3.RefreshRate = the number of seconds before the field is refreshed. Default value = 15 secs.



NOTE: For some tickers, there is neither real time nor current data provided, though the historical data may be provided. Thus, if the real time function returns an N/A, try to retrieve the last year of history.



1. Retrieve live data of the FTSE index

=QL("^FTSE") returns the live value of the FTSE index.




2. Retrieve current exchange rate using Yahoo!






3. Retrieve current exchange rate using Open Exchange Rates





4. Retrieve in bulk current live prices





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