Syntax: OPTIONLIVE(Ticker, Fields, RefreshRate)


Equivalent Function Names: OL


Purpose: The function displays the live market data for a Yahoo! Options ticker, e.g. MSFT140103C00026000



1.Ticker is the Reuters/Yahoo ticker.

2.Field may be optional for a given operation. They are equivalent to the fields supported by the Option function.

If no field is specified, the LAST_TRADE_PRICE is assumed.

3.RefreshRate = the number of seconds before the field is refreshed. Default value = 15 secs.


NOTE: The output of this function is not autoformatted! Therefore, if you require more than one cell as an output, you have to enter it as a range formula!



1. Display the current option price, updated live

=OL("MSFT140103C00026000")  displays the current price of the given Microsoft option updated live.



2. Display the live price and open interest

=OL("MSFT140118C00026000","p,oi") shows the live open interest of a given option.




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