Syntax: CurrentTime(FormatAsHHmm, RefreshRate)


Equivalent Function Names: CT


Purpose: Function returning the current time continuously updated throughout the day.

Note: Excel throttles real time updates to the minimum of of about 2 seconds depending on the current calculation situation, so the time is updated in about every 2 seconds - 3 seconds



1.FormatAsHHmm = by default or if the value is TRUE, the function returns a string representation of time as HH:mm. This is usually the most convenient format. If the value is FALSE, the function returns the current time as an Excel date and time so the user is responsible for its target formatting.

2.RefreshRate = the number of seconds before the field is refreshed. Default value = 15 secs.




1. Get the current time pre-formatted as HH:mm refreshed every 1 second

The function =CT() put to a spreadsheet keeps the current time updated




2. Get the current time as an Excel time refreshed every 5 seconds

=CT(FALSE,5) returns the current time as an Excel time (format via CTRL+1) and refreshes the time every 5 seconds.



with formatting:





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